Saturday, August 1, 2015

When it comes about something very sensitive, like something about parents, friends, life, or love, our mind sometimes just simply made us asking "why?" repeatedly. While the answer is right in front of our face, we, as a pathetic human being try to deny it and keep asking "why?". The answer is always with us, but we crying to get it from somebody else. Unfortunately, we were asked to be pitied by people around us. We want to be looked as someone who has been trough a very tough life. In fact, our problems are not that big. We can answer every single "why?" that we've been asked to ourselves. We can solved it right away and we know it. But we blurred those things and keep asking "why?" over and over again.

Allah is the only one who knows both the question and the answer. Allah knows why, and Allah knows how.

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© based on a true story.
Maira Gall