Monday, June 13, 2016

I stuck in another unproductive week again. It's been like the whole weeks of the 4th semester was an unproductive week because... I don't know if I'm allowed to say this but semester 4 is sucks. This semester I--for the first time in my college life--found myself feeling less energetic than the first three semesters. Lack of motivation? Well, I always believe that a real motivation only comes from ourselves. Tough tasks? Well, that's life. Things are getting harder and heavier as we climb up to the next level. But you know, they (my assignments) are not really that difficult. They were just paper assignment about sexual assault and abuse, an essay about anything that you want to write, grammar's presentation (I still don't get the main idea of telling your students to teach other students while the reason why we paid for the lecturer is to teach us and make us cleverer than before), speaking tests, critical reading with "critical mind", a novel discussion which I haven't finished the novel yet (what am I going to discuss then?), and a few more unexpected tasks depend on how's the lecturer's feelings.

Ya, that's all.

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