Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sore Singgah Sebentar

Why do people get inspired in a wrong time? Well, why do I get inspired mostly in a wrong time? I don't think it is sort of inspiration or not but I'm in the middle of break time right now after finishing a two pages argumentative essay which I don't think it's argumentatively enough. And then I felt like I wanted to watch some movies and I know that I can't watch K-dramas because it is really, really, really bad for my final exams. So, I tried to re-watch Manhattan, which is always get interrupted with something else. And now it's got interrupted by me, typing around on my blog's draft. I'm kinda miss my blog, actually. I've abandoned him for a long time and the last time I wrote is on January 1st. I was going to make a project like my friends did, the #30HariBercerita or #30HariMenulisSuratCinta. I found it interesting until I realized I could never get through it because one thing and another. 

So, the inspiration that I talked about was inspired by Mr. Woody Allen himself. I really like seeing his movies especially Manhattan and Midnight in Paris. Manhattan because it was filmed in black-and-white and Midnight in Paris because it is my corpus for Metopen. But today, I eager to make a video in black-and-white. Oh, I did. A thirty-second video on Instagram with Payung Teduh's back song. Well, I mean a real video, a longer duration with proper shots. I don't know, I still felt guilty because of my film project that I couldn't make it. I made it, but it was a total disaster. I know I shouldn't blame anybody or anything because that's what I can get for giving such a lame performance on that subject. But, don't worry. I have these two quotes that always cheered me up whenever I'm thinking about my film project:

"Secupu-cupunya film, itu tetep karya kalian." -Pak Fakhran "No Slide"

"Film yang bagus adalah film yang mengundang banyak pertanyaan. Berhubung pas sesi tanya-jawab kelompok kita paling banyak ditanya, berarti film kita bagus!" -Adella, 20, senang menghibur diri sendiri.

Someday, I'll repay that fail project. I promise.

Anyway, another project has gone pretty well. It's my class drama performance which was pretty much succeeded. I'm happy because I've got an honor to direct it, though I didn't give my full performance as a director hehehe. But what makes me happy, beyond the performance itself, is the teamwork of my class. To be honest, I was a bit pessimistic about this because on the rehearsal time, the team wasn't worked smoothly. There always one-two-three things that hold up our project. And then when the D-day came, my friends worked very well til the end. I was so happy to see that.

It's already Asar and I almost finished my coffee. Is it the coffee? Is it the coffee that makes me able to write this? I hope not. I've been drinking a cup of coffee every afternoon since I started to finish my papers. Now, I want to declare that I'm in a relationship with coffee. No need boyfriend though HAHAHA. Becanda, becanda. I still have lots of work to do, mostly paper. I really wish I could write as smooth as I wrote this post. Lastly, I wanna say that I'm so grateful that I've wasted my time on something that I love. No regret at all. Ciao.

Salah satu alasan untuk segera menyelesaikan tugas. Tunggu aku ya, Ahjussi.

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