Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ditulis Sambil Membayangkan Sepiring Mie Goreng

I had a conversation with one of my friend. A short one. And she said,

'I wanna have a boyfriend. If I had one, I could tell him anything that happened today.'

'You can do that to your friends,' I replied, smirking at her because she sounds like talking about some unimportant things again.

'Nooo, it's different, Del. Chatting with a boyfriend will be a lot different. You know what I mean? While talking with someone you love, it's not similar to your friends. You know what I mean, right??'

I nodded and said, 'Yeah, I get it. I get it.'

It was a long ago, a month I guess, and it suddenly came across my mind again. I sometimes feel like I need a real person to speak, to let all my emotions and feelings come out because I realized that I never have a chance to chat with a person who won't interrupt me while I'm talking about how I got ignored when I said hello to one of my lecturer, about the ayam goreng I ate and its sambal and how tasty it was, or anything that happened to me in one day. You can't count my mom because I only talk about something general with her. Friends can be counted but like what my friend said, it's different. It's different when you talk with someone more than a friend and with your friends. You can't continuously bother your friends with the same unimportant craps which happened in your life. For me, a friend is more like someone who talk with you after ages, and sum up every single story in one night.

I'm not saying that I dramatically, desperately begging to have a boyfriend HAHAHA. I just think that she was right and no wonder why she said that she wanted to have a boyfriend. Sometimes a big thing doesn't need a meaningful reason as well. And to have someone who you can talk with every day with no worry, is the simplest yet sweetest thing I know to be a reason.

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