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John Carney's Sing Street

I knew him from Begin Again. You know, that famous movie with famous soundtrack sang by Adam Levine. But eventually, I've already put his first movie, Once, on my watchlist--without knowing that he was the director. Now, in June 2016, his third movie called Sing Street becomes my another favorite piece of art of John Carney.

As usual, I was checking some films at IMDb when I finally found this movie. I saw the director, watched the trailer, and felt like, 'I think I will not get the same feeling like I watched the two previous films.' Because at first, the storyline seemed too simple. School boy, making a school band, working together to make some arts (though after watching it, the story is actually about that). I didn't know whether it's just me with the lack of analyzing skill or the movie will not as good as the other two.

So, I found the movie a couple months ago in the illegal-watching-movie-site. I watched it right away, and I regret it right away because damn you fool, IT'S A GREAT MOVIE! I'm not gonna tell you the story or summarize or synopsis. Not because I'm an anti-spoiler but I've told you before; it's about school boys performing school bands. Seriously. However, one thing I can say is that the movie is typical. Not from the story or the plot but from the director. I don't know how to say this correctly. It's like, when you've seen someone's movie, and he makes another movie, you'll see the peculiarity of his art. Let's say for example Woody Allen. First time I watched his movie was Midnight in Paris (which is so so so great). And then I started to find another works from him and brought me to some old 70s movies like Annie Hall and Manhattan. When I watched these two, I realized that they were so Woody Allen. There's one or two things that make you say, 'Oh, ini Woody Allen banget.' Or like Indonesian director Riri Riza, when you saw his film and you'd say, 'Oalah, pantesan. Riri Riza yang bikin.' And that's what I feel about John Carney.

But when I say similarity, I'm not saying about the genre (musical) that he brought. You know, Once and Begin Again were all about music. So is Sing Street. But for me it's not only that. The so John Carney part--for me--is on how he tells people that music can make people be better in their way. I know, it's too general. But it's true. The movies presented how someone's life can change when he/she make some music. The dramatic parts like breaking up, cheating, or bullying are additional for me. But I believe the director himself has a different point beyond that. Maybe I should watch some more interviews later. Hahaha. So far I've only watched Adam Levine 'Go Now' Interview (yes, he sings in the movie again!) and here's what I get and agree:

'When I was a child I wanted to be like Nirvana, and any other great bands at that time. I think that's so real. And that's how creativity starts when you're young. You wanna be like them, you wanna make some music like them, and you wanna get a girl with it.' 

I've watched this movie thrice because I really, really like it. It never bores me and every time I watch it, I always found new things from there. Like the scenes, the dialogues, small things I didn't notice before. It's like reading a book, you know. Something new awaits in every time you open the book. And oh by the way, this is my favorite line that Conor said about Raphina:

Pengen setuju tapi gimanaaa gituh. Wkwkwk.

To sum up this review, I have FIVE things I wanna say about Sing Street. 1) John Carney is my favvv Irish director. 2) Irish accent is weird and hard to hear. Once also used Irish accent and shot in Ireland, dan gue dulu sok-sokan nonton film itu tanpa subtitle. Akhirnya yang kedua kali ada sub English dan gue baru ngerti jalan ceritanya. Hahaha. 3) I have a crush with Mark McKenna, the one who plays Eamon in the movie. When I looked at Eamon, I only like the way he played guitar and his pelit-ngomong-but-cool style. And also because he made the music for all the songs that Conor writes. Few days later, googled his name, found him posing like this:

BIASA AJA KALI NGELIATINNYA. Eh btw, cardigan-nya bagus itu.

Dan dengan bangsatnya dia kemana-mana berduaan sama Ferdia Walsh-Peelo yang jadi Conor dan menghasilkan foto-foto sialan kayak gini:


'Yaqin nggak mau deket-deket sama kita?' 'YAUDAH KALAU DIPAKSA MAH AKU BISA APA.'

Kenapa sih aku lemah banget sama lelaki gondrong :'(

Sorry for the interruption. And then 4) I can't get the original songs out of my mind. Like, all of it are listenable and easy to hear. If you're got influenced by 80s songs, you may be like those ones. The last is 5) I'm definitely, patiently, waiting for another project from John Carney. It's fine whether it's still about music or something slightly different from those three. I can't give anything but my appreciation to people like him. So, I persuade you to watch it right now! NOW!

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